"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

- Mame Dennis


From an early age, JJ McKay was taught the importance of valuing social connections and friendships and creating relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. With that in mind, he has always placed emphasis on being active, socially-involved and engaged with others.

An only child, his father was a Marine Corps pilot killed in Vietnam, while his mother hailed from the deep south and helped instill a sense of pride and respect for others. Throughout high school and college, McKay was involved in a variety of activities and chaired several organizations.

Post college, McKay worked for a brief period in state politics before moving to Panama City, Florida to start a new career. While there, McKay became ingrained in Northwest culture, volunteering for many non-profits and helping to build up the fabric of the community. It was in Panama City that McKay began making regular media appearances. While successful in his career in the Gulf Coast, he was most proud of establishing the tradition of win/win in his business dealings.

Continuing his career climb, McKay moved to Seattle, Washington. His many accomplishments during this period including helping launch start up companies, working with companies to develop national partners to expand customer base and message reach along with distribution, spearheading the single largest fundraising walk in the United States, managing appearances on national television, including the Oprah show, refining internal process and systems for growth, and playing key roles in establishing broad based internal and external campaigns.

In 2007 McKay established his own company to help businesses strategically grown their stakeholder base and engage partners.

McKay's passion for business practices continues with his role as advisory board member with US Bank Washington, Newsweek Daily Beast, InternMatch, ToyTalk and Wetpaint Entertainment.

Named the "Perle Mesta of Seattle" by the Seattle Times, McKay is known as a society host with numerous events in Seattle, New York and other cities with dinners, cocktail parties and large scale dinner dances.

McKay stays very active in the philanthropic world serving on a variety of boards and committees including of Seattle Opera, Mary's Place for homeless women with children, Ellen's Run in East Hampton, Seattle Center Foundation.

JJ recommends many places in Paris JJ has classic Southern roots JJ turns the Space Needle red for national television JJ's homebase is Seattle