206 Inc.

JJ McKay is a spokesperson for the national reknowned marketing agency 206. We see 206 as a nontraditional, interdisciplinary, lifestyle marketing and brand promotions agency. We work with a select group of clients on a wide variety of levels. Our relationships extend to a network of hundreds of brands with whom we often build tie-in promotions, co-sponsorships, partnerships, and campaigns with other like-minded brands. Our ideas are fueled by our drive to authentically engage our client's customers by whatever means are most effective. We support and execute on these efforts with our in-house creative, publicity, web, 3D and events pods. This structure enables us to author, create and deliver the entire program from a single, consistent point of view.

Mark Dyce, Tad Harmon, Kerry Murphy, and Mike Salvadore founded 206 almost three years ago. The client list includes Toyota, Levi Strauss Signature, Milk Media, Walt Disney Records, Urban Outfitters, and Ubisoft.

Check out www.206inc.com

JJ recommends many places in Paris JJ has classic Southern roots JJ turns the Space Needle red for national television JJ's homebase is Seattle